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Save money Save money Save money Save money

Save money

Stay for free on holiday or for a weekend. Travel and enjoy even more.

Legal for renters

Legal for renters

Exchange your home legally even for renters. No more problems with your landlord.

Travel differently Travel differently
Travel differently

Travel differently

Live an authentic experience. Discover the local culture and the lifestyle of your hosts.

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Find a home exchange anywhere in the world! With holiday homes available in 187 countries, GuesttoGuest takes you to any of six continents. House exchange with GuesttoGuest allows you to discover the world in a more authentic way by living like a local in United States, Ireland, Portugal, or Berlin! Spend less and enjoy more while visiting the biggest international capitals or cosy country towns.
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Who we are?

Who we are

GuestToGuest is the story of 22 families living in France, Belgium, Spain, Great Britain, United States and Qatar and their common desire to invent a fair and simple way for anyone to stay around the world for free - thanks to home exchange.

Exchange stories

Exchange stories

The members of GuestToGuest share the idea that a better way of travelling is possible, where hospitality, freedom and trust are key words. Our members love GuestToGuest because they had great exchanges. Discover their testimonials.

How it works?

How it works

GuestToGuest is a social network which gathers community of persons which wishes to exchange their apartment or their house for the holidays. Thanks to the unique system of GuestPoints you can choose where you wish to be quite freely invited, all around the world. Check out our video to understand everything.




One of the main reasons why home exchange is an amazing way to spend your holiday is, of course, the amount you will save. Not only do you not pay for accommodations, but if you're on a tight budget, you can cook in rather than eating out. You can also save money on a car rental as many members are willing to lend their car as part of the exchange. By exchanging homes, you're putting money aside AND treating yourself to those little extra somethings that will make your trip that bit more memorable.



Swapping apartments is not just about saving money, but also about discovering a city, region or country from within. By sleeping in a 'real' house opposed to a hotel, you are able to see how the local people live. This is an opportunity to discover a foreign culture as an insider, especially if your host leaves you suggestions for the best restaurants, scenic spots off the beaten path, festivals etc. It may also inspire you to rearrange your home upon your return! It's simple: Home exchange is a more authentic way to travel and see the world.



Having someone you trust in your home when you are away is simply awesome. Your guests can show potential burglars that the house is not empty and scare them away. They can spot a leak before it does any serious damage, preventing you from having to pay a considerable amount. When you exchange homes, you can also do all sorts of small and helpful favors; such as picking up the mail, watering the garden, or even feeding the cat!