There’s nothing more lovely than discovering a new city on a bike.

For both the young and old, it allows you to take in the fresh air, enjoy the sites, and hop from one neighborhood to another at your own leisure! Here are the top five cities that will invite both you and your bike with open roads!

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1. Portland, Oregon

This western city has consistently ranked as one of the top cities for bicyclists. With extensive bikeway networks along the water, road and forest, Portland will certainly allow you to see it all. If you’re looking to venture away from the city, hit the trails of Forest Park, the largest urban preserve in the US!

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2. Vancouver, Canada

Heading north along the coast, this bike friendly city promotes green transporation intitiatives to make cycling and walking more safe and convenient for all. Vancouver will soon be introducing public bike sharing systems to allow more citizens and visitors alike to enjoy the city. If you’re looking for an interesting bike route, head on over to Stanley park where this sprawling urban landscape will land you amongst upscale and casual restaurants, scenic gardens and spectacular sightseeing.

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3. Minneapolis, Minnesota

Located in the United States Midwestern region, this flat city can encourage any bike rider to get moving! With 34 miles of dedicated bike lanes and 56 miles of commuter trails, Minneapolis ranks as one the top places to bike in the US. The city’s routes will take you through all attractions such as the Stone Arch Bridge and the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.

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4. Montreal, Canada

If you’re looking for a Copenhagen inspired biking experience in a North American city, the island of Montreal is your ideal destination. The city currently has over 300 miles of bike routes with painted bike lanes to connect you to all neighborhoods and the core downtown area. Montreal has consistently ranked in the top bike friendly cities of the world!

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5. Chicago, Illinois

The beauty of this Midwestern city is always best seen by a ride along the Lakefront trail. From Evanston all the way down to South Shore, the magic of the sky line and the lake can be taken in all at once. With the emergence of bike commuters, dedicated lanes have been built within the cities busiest areas to better accommodate peddle traffic. For more information on Chicago, read our previous post here.

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