After many months of brainstorming, code crunching and tests, GuestToGuest is finally online!


First and foremost, we would like to thank those who have been helping,encouraging and coaching us for the last few months. Without you, the content of the site would not be as rich as it is today so we would like to take this time out to personally thank you!

For all the others who have not been following the project as closely, here is a presentation of GuestToGuest:

What is GuestToGuest?

GuestToGuest is a community of people who stay for free during their vacation by inviting each other in a simple and fair way.

Our values

Hospitality: we gather hosts and guests in a spirit of hospitality, courtesy and mutual respect
Freedom: you can choose to be invited anywhere in the world
Trust: you are free to only invite people you can really trust thanks to our social network

How it works?

GuestToGuest is a peer-to-peer hospitality community. We offer a safe system that allows you to have awesome vacations, save on your hotel or rent budget, live like a local and feel at home around the world. Our members win what we like to call GuestPoints. They receive these points each time they invite other members and they can then use these GuestPoints to be invited wherever they want.
We offer many tools enabling our members to invite each other while also having complete peace of mind: rating, recommendations, social network, verification, deposit, etc. This allows our members to only let in people whom they can trust.

It is quite easy to understand all the advantages of GuestToGuest and why you should start using it. Do not hesitate any longer, sign-up and sponsor your friends!

See you soon!
The GuestToGuest team

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