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ShareTraveller: Interview with GuestToGuest Founder: Home Exchange with GuestPoints – May 20th 2014


Sharetraveller, a blog which promotes the sharing economy, interviews Emmanuel Arnaud (GuestToGuest Founder) and finds out everything there is to know about the GuestToGuest concept and what the company hopes to achieve in the future. Arnaud also speaks about their hugely innovative virtual currency “GuestPoints”, and what members should expect from the service and the many upcoming services they plan to add to their website.

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10 sites that can change the way you travel – March 20th 2015

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Mark Johanson (CNN) focuses this article on the various new platforms which are giving tourists the chance to live like locals and totally emmerse themselves in a new and foreign culture. He introduces us to 10 upcoming websites that are tapping into the sharing economy and are forever changing the way people travel arounf the globe. GuestToGuest is among his selection and explains how it is a peer-to-peer house swapping system with the potential for huge growth in the market.

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GuestToGuest, the social network for low cost travel home swapping – July 10th 2014

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Francesca Troiani and Samuele Grappini built their website to help people choose their “best-fit” home, meanwhile discovering history and habitats in the hope of guiding people toward finding the most suited residence for them. They write about GuestToGuest, and encourage their community to join in order to travel and live like the locals, as GuestToGuest very much aligns with their vision of culture and discovery at a deeper level.

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GuestToGuest nabs cash from peer-to-peer insurance specialist – May 6th 2015


Martin Cowen, a UK based reporter, writes about the recent 4million euro investment GuestToGuest received from insurance partner la MAIF. He explains how the investment will help GuestToGuest reach 1million members in 3 years, it puts this goal within reach. The article will also be featured in the Tnooz newsletter.

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Confidentiel : Le site d’échange de maisons GuestToGuest lève un million d’euros – June 2nd 2014

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This French journal writes about an investment GuestToGuest received and explains the business model and what they hope to offer, in comparison with other home exchange websites, to their members.

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GuestToGuest: Free Home Exchange

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This French website proposes GuestToGuest to it’s readers as a free home exchange website, and writes about the advantages of such a site and the fact that it is so safe, flexible and that it is a concept based on trust and sharing.

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Casa / GuestToGuest: Social Dello Scambio

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This Italian website informs readers about the GuestToGuest company, along with details of the services they provide to their loyal community of members.

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