Meet some of our members!

Last Friday, we had the pleasure of meeting Josette and her nephew Camille, who had both come on a little trip to enjoy Paris. Josette is from Lyon and works in a school there. We had made an appointment at Porte de la Villette, and when we arrived Josette was already in the cafe where we had intended to take her! 🙂


We drank a coffee together and luckily the cafe had a single croissant left- so we shared! 🙂 She told us how her past home exchanges had gone really well and was looking forward to plenty more. Josette is a great GuestToGuest member, acting as both guest and host, and she always makes sure to leave a nice touch for the other member when doing an exchange.

Josette is a loyal member of GuestToGuest and is already on her sixth exchange, having been a member since March 2014. Once she joined the site, Josette began organising exchanges almost immediately. She has three planned in the coming months. Josette was really positive and enthusiastic about her experiences and GuestToGuest in general, we had a great time with her. She was keen to know everything there is to know about GuestToGuest and the work we do everyday, we were happy to share some information with her as she was very interested.


While in Paris, Josette went to the city of sciences and she even flew over the French capital with the impressive balloon from Parc André Citroën. She mentioned how great her trip had been so far, and we were really happy that she chose to meet us and give us an hour of her time. She is hoping to attend our Ambassadors Event later in the Summer. It was a pleasure meeting Josette and Camille, thank you to them both!


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