Want to travel more but tired of thinking about the cost?

We can all use a break every now and again, but sometimes it feels like, between the time and the money, it is hard to make it work. That's where we come in.

Introducing Optimal!

This exciting travel option from GuesttoGuest allows you to enjoy a year full of quality exchanges and other community bonuses without the extra costs.

In July, we took another step forward in providing each and every home exchanger an upgraded level of support and guarantees for a minimal cost with Service Plus. This enhanced version of our formerly optional services are bundled together combined at low cost, flat rate of 10€ per night.

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Now, we extend our promise to offer every type of traveler the ideal home exchange solution by launching Optimal! As of September 26, 2018 all members of GuesttoGuest will be able to upgrade to Optimal and enjoy a year of Service Plus coverage along with additional benefits for only 130€!

Whether you just discovered GuesttoGuest or have been an active member of the community for years, Optimal is designed for the traveler in all of us to be unleashed. Why?  

Save money

Optimal comes with our trademark support plan, Service Plus, included in all your exchanges. You can travel with peace-of-mind thanks to our protection that covers you before, during, and after your exchanges, whether as a guest or a host.

Typically, Service Plus is of 10€ for every night of your exchange, but with the Optimal you can do as many exchanges as you can plan for no extra fee. Are you are planning to travel for two weeks next year? If you stuck with the Essential option, you would end up paying 140€ for all your travel. But if you went Optimal, you'd save 10€ AND be able to plan another trip without having to worry about added costs!

Get 500 bonus GuestPoints for signing up

The first year you subscribe to Optimal, you will receive an extra 500 GuestPoints to use to extend your next exchange.

Learn more about how GuestPoints work.

Your loyalty has an advantage

If you are currently a very active user of GuesttoGuest, you will get a special discount rate when you sign up for Optimal. The more time you have spent as a dependable member of GuesttoGuest, the lower price you will pay to sign up for Optimal.

Find an exchange, guaranteed

As a member of Optimal, if, after a year of being subscribed to the option, you have not been able to finalize an exchange, we will extend your membership for a second year for free.

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Go on, extend your vacation!

With Optimal, there is no need to worry about paying to protect every exchange you do. Simply sign up, pay once, and travel as much as you want over the next 365 days! That means more chances to host and earn GuestPoints and more opportunities to explore on weekends. After all, the more you host, the more you can travel! How fun is that?

Need help deciding between Optimal and Essential? Check this out!

Go Optimal now!