Exchange your home stress-free with Service Plus. Where will you go next?

Service Plus GTGAs members of a community of home exchangers, we are all well aware of all the home exchange benefits. We love to take advantage of the real home comfort, local experiences of people that live and know their city, making new friends along the way, and saving money to travel even more.

Nevertheless, some of us are always a little apprehensive before an exchange. We all have those nagging questions: what if we can’t organize the key handover? What if I break something during my stay? What if my host cancels? Should I ask my guest to take insurance?

These are the questions in the back of your mind. For some, these doubts might prevent you from doing another exchange and for others, these doubts keep you from doing your first home exchange.

At GuestToGuest, we understand your concerns and we address these issues with our new Service Plus. We believe that our member should only be stressed about the real travel issues…Paris or Amsterdam? Bike or Kayak? The Louvre Museum in Paris or The Prado Museum in Madrid? You know, the actual tough questions. 🙂

Service Plus was designed to give all our members, both hosts, and guests, the peace of mind they need to have a successful and enjoyable trip. Service Plus takes care of the unforeseen circumstances and accompanies you throughout the entire exchange process.

We made a promise – “Your home takes you away”– and we are certain that Service Plus will make this a reality for even more members because nobody should waste their hard-earned travel time worrying.

Service Plus

What is the GuestToGuest Service Plus?

Previously, hosts could either require their guests to purchase an insurance or they could leave it at the discretion of the Guests to select these services. Members appreciated these options and it showed in the numbers – in 89% of exchanges at least one of our paid services was chosen – so we decided to make them better. Thanks to your feedback, we thought it best to expand the efficiency of these services and bundle them into one easy payment.

It’s is our duty to provide all our members around the world with more trust in our community, the exchange process, and our pricing. In line with our commitment to trust, we have set the Service Plus price to 10€/night, regardless of the number of travelers or the size of the home.

The GuesttoGuest Service Plusis not one promise, but multiple promises designed to guarantee 100% satisfaction during your home exchange:

  • Protection in case of material damages up to 500,000€
  • Minor damages covered by a deposit of 500 €
  • Accommodation certainty, in cases of cancellation or non-compliance with the description of the home
  • 24/7 emergency assistance backed by a multilingual international team

With the Service Plus, our multilingual Customer Service team is available 24/7 to assist you during your holidays in case of emergencies.

As stated previously, these services are offered at a simple flat rate of 10€/night regardless of the number of travelers in your group or the size of your home.

For example, a family of 5 goes on a 7 night trip to Paris. In total, the family will pay 70€ for all of these services.

The benefits of Service Plus

Where are you traveling next with home exchange? To Spain? The United States? Maybe to Italy or even France?

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