On July 25, 2018, GuestToGuest will launch the new Service Plus. How will Service Plus affect your exchanges?

GuestToGuest just got even better with the launch of our new Service Plus. Our goal was to create a new service, a more comprehensive service, that covers all our members before, during, and after the exchange. Members can now enjoy all of our previous paid services under one easy fixed price of just 10€/night, regardless of the number of travelers in your group. Service Plus, is easier and has even more benefits than our previous services.

What changes will occur with Service Plus (launch date 25th of July):

  1. Service Plus for Hosts
  2. Service Plus for Guests
  3. Service Plus and Reciprocal Exchanges

1. Things to know for Hosts

– Exchanges finalized by your guest before 25/07/2018:

If you have chosen a deposit and/or insurance for your home, it will remain unchanged. The exchange will continue with the same amount of deposit and the insurance will have the same coverage for your home.

For example, I have finalized an exchange for next week. I have asked for a deposit of 400€ euros from my guest and the guest also too the insurance. What happens now?

Everything remains the same! The deposit and the insurance will continue to work in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

– Exchanges not finalized by your guest before 25/07/2018 (regardless of whether or not you have pre-approved)

If you have pre-approved an exchange that requires your guest to opt for a deposit and/or take insurance, the system will automatically offer Service Plus from the 25th of July. This gives your home as well as your guest the security and guarantees of Service Plus.

If the exchange has been finalized before the 25th of July, the original insurance and deposit that was agreed upon will be effective.

For example, a family wants to stay at your home and has not yet finalized the exchange but you have set a deposit and the insurance to be mandatory. What happens now?

If your guest finalizes the exchange before the 25th of July, your home will be protected by the deposit and the insurance previously selected. If your guest finalizes the exchange after the 25th of July, Service Plus rules will automatically apply. Service Plus will also cover your home in case of damages.

For future exchanges, GuestToGuest recommends that Hosts require their Guests to take Service Plus to be assured that their home is covered. Members can choose to set Service Plus as mandatory for all future exchanges in their settings.

2. Things to know for Guests

– Exchanges finalized before 25/07/2018:

If you have paid the deposit and bought the insurance as requested by your host, this will remain unchanged and effective for your exchange.

If your host did not request a deposit and/or insurance and you did not choose either then nothing changes.

– Exchanges not finalized before 25/07/2018 and future exchanges:

If your host has pre-approved an exchange and requested you choose the deposit and/or insurance, you will automatically be able to choose Service Plus from July 25th. Enjoy the benefits of Service Plus by choosing this service for your exchange. We highly recommend selecting “Service Plus” option when you are about to finalize the exchange.

For example, I go for 6 days as a guest to someone’s home. With the old system you would have paid 59€ and with the new system, you pay 60€ (Only one euro more).

How did we arrive at these numbers?

One exchange in Paris that lasts for 6 nights:

The Old System
1,000€ Deposit (3.5% commission) = 35€
Minimum insurance of 4€/day = 24€
TOTAL= 59€

With Service Plus
10€/day = 60€ for 6 days

As a guest, for future exchanges after July 25th, GuestToGuest recommends opting for Service Plus to take advantage of all our services and guarantees.

3. Things to know for Reciprocal Exchanges

– Exchanges finalized before 25/07/2018:

If both parties have finalized an exchange through our platform before July 25th, then nothing changes. Your exchange will continue with the previously set deposit and/or insurance if you had opted for those services.

– Exchange finalized before 25/07/2018 by one of the two parties:

If only one of the parties has finalized the exchange, all services that the member has already opted for before 25/07 will remain the same.

Members who have not finalized an exchange after 25/07 will have to select Service Plus if the host had previously requested insurance and/or deposit, following the same guidelines described above.

– The exchange is finalized after 25/07/2018:

You will enjoy all the benefits of Service Plus as a host and guest before, during and after your exchange!

For more information send us an email to contact@guesttoguest.com or visit our Frequently Asked Questions.