In August, we celebrated GuesttoGuest reaching the landmark 400,000 homes! A contest was held and the participants could win 1 year of unlimited GuestPoints.

We had many entries in the #GTG400K contest where someone could win a year of unlimited GuestPoints for themselves and a friend. Thank you all for your enthusiastic participation!

Check out the winner’s portrait and her travel plans.

Brenda, winner of the #GTG400K Facebook contest

We are empty nesters! I work as an Art teacher and my husband is a consultant in Dallas. Our favorite vacation with GTG has been Yosemite with our two grown children and the Cotswolds and London for our 30th anniversary to see the sites and especially my beloved Downton Abbey!

Why did you join GuesttoGuest?

I joined GuesttoGuest because my son moved across the country for a job and, as a mom, there was no way I was not seeing him at least three times a year! We are a close family, but not wealthy, so I started researching affordable methods of travel and our best trip so far as a family was to Yosemite.

What does home exchange mean to you?/How would you define the home exchange experience?

Staying in a hotel is so impersonal and expensive, and I don’t enjoy a vacation that makes me go into debt. With GuesttoGuest’s lodging being so affordable, we have the freedom to splurge on other things, like airfare or tours. Home exchange is very personal because you have two parties, whose property means a great deal to them, so they are invested in communicating with their guests to make sure everything is accommodating. I also feel like staying in someone’s home gives the opportunity to experience the local flavor of the place I am visiting.

I feel secure that the process is as safe as any short-term rental places out there because it has been around a lot longer. I really feel like it’s the best-kept secret in the travel industry!

Where do you plan to travel with your unlimited GuestPoints? What destinations do you have in mind?

I will give my husband his dream of the Italian vineyards, then perhaps Spain, Russia, or Eastern Europe!
We want to take lots of weekend trips with our family in the US too, especially New England.

If you had one word to describe GuesttoGuest, what would it be?


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