Jasmin's home

Secondary residence
5 Sleeps
1 Bedroom
1 Bathroom
1 double bed
1 double extra bed
1 baby extra bed


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What you will love about this home

Charming apartment for 2 to 4/5 people (1 bedroom and 1 sofa bed in the living room plus possibility of two cots for babies) situated in the cool Châtelain district, next to Louise and lively Saint Gilles . Nbx shops , restaurants, bars ...
The apartment is very rational despite small (55m2) and pleasant. It is mainly composed of three rooms in a row as the majority of Brussels' houses ( dining / kitchen-living - room). Modern shower room and terrace and big garden. The sleeping room overlooks the garden inside. It is very quiet even though it is located right next to the market , bars and restaurants (50 meters) .
Access to wifi equipment. Provision of linen and bath towels. We have 3 kids in the upper floor of the house so all babies / children's equipment can be provided.
Of course I can bring you my help throughout your stay!

What you will love in the neighborhood

The listing is a studio in one of the coolest areas of Brussels.
We will be happy to get to know you and give you advice/ show you around Brussels.
The apartment is ideally located just off the stylish Avenue Louise, benefiting from calm and secluded atmosphere yet situated adjacent to the city's business and financial district.
The excellent location in Central Brussels, the varied range of choices in sophisticated dining and leisure in close proximity, its enchanting terrace on the back side of the apartment, will contribute to the unparalleled charm of your Brussels' "home sweet home".

Additional information

We are keeping the apartment tidy and in order for your stay and we leave a bag for habnding to us sheets and towels to wash when we get the keys back. However we have the possibility to arrange the cleaning for you and charge 20 euros for normal cleaning. This will also be charged if we need to send someone in to ensure our next guests will have the same pleasant stay conditions we guaranteed for you. We have also the possibility to arrange babysitting or something else you might need if useful.

By car access is easy and we charhe 30 GP per night for the parking. You can also park for 25 euro per day in the street (for free from 20-7) . Public transport directions to chatelaine studio, rue armand campenhout 14, 1050
From the airport:
Bus, the cheapest and best option
The bus station is located on level 0 - one floor down from the arrivals hall - and can be easily reached by using the escalators or elevators.
Centrally located at the bus station there are three platforms each with their specific use.
The Airport Line is an 30-minute express service between Brussels Airport and the European quarter, at a stone's throw from the uptown shops.

From Monday to Friday 8 pm the Airport Line is operated as an express service with number 12 and only serves the major stops. You can take airport bus 12 to Schuman, 4 busses an hour, single airport ride 4.50 Euro, get off at the busstop and take bus 60 at that same station that takes you to rue Washington, 5 minutes walk from home.
Check out itineraryhttp://www.stib-mivb.be/tripplanner/TravelPlans?Accessible=false&AllowBike=false&AllowBus=true&AllowCar=false&AllowExpress=false&AllowFlexi=false&AllowMetro=true&AllowNight=false&AllowRegular=false&AllowSchool=false&AllowTrain=true&AllowTramway=true&BikeOnBoard=false&Date=2018-1-2&DestinationIdentifier=Ei9SdWUgQXJtYW5kIENhbXBlbmhvdXQgMTQgMTUwLCBJeGVsbGVzLCBCZWxnaXF1ZQ&DestinationType=ExternalLocation&DisplayPreferenceOnly=false&OriginIdentifier=ChIJ7XVSxL7dw0cR5CV_Dj5OUSQ&OriginType=ExternalLocation&PreferredRoutes=12%2C60&ShowOptions=false&Time=14%3A15&TimeType=SpecifiedDepartureTime&UseDefaultSites=false&l=fr :
( 1h05 min (Marche 16 min) 14:24 Brussels Airport, Leopoldlaan, Zaventem, Belgique
Marcher jusqu'à l'arrêt BRUSSELS AIRPORT (545 m, +/- 9 min).
le bus 12 direction BRUSSELS CITY destination LUXEMBOURG (25 min).
Arriver à 14:58.
15:03 B 60 SCHUMAN , le bus 60 direction UCCLE CALEVOET (19 min). 15:22 WASHINGTON Marcher jusqu'à destination (404 m, +/- 7 min). 15:29 Rue Armand Campenhout 14 150, Ixelles, Belgique )
By Train also convenient also about 1-1.5 hours
Brussels Airport-Zaventem station is located on level -1 of the terminal, at a small distance from the arrivals hall (2nd floor) and the departures hall (3rd floor).
Travel time to Brussel-Midi: 22 min. 4 trains an hour, cost 9.50 euro, you can take a train to bruxelles midi and there the tram 80 to stop Trinité, in rue de Baillie, 5 minutes walk from home.
(check out itinerary: http://www.stib-mivb.be/tripplanner/TravelPlans?Accessible=false&AllowBike=false&AllowBus=true&AllowCar=false&AllowExpress=false&AllowFlexi=false&AllowMetro=true&AllowNight=false&AllowRegular=false&AllowSchool=false&AllowTrain=true&AllowTramway=true&BikeOnBoard=false&Date=2018-1-2&DestinationIdentifier=Ei9SdWUgQXJtYW5kIENhbXBlbmhvdXQgMTQgMTUwLCBJeGVsbGVzLCBCZWxnaXF1ZQ&DestinationType=ExternalLocation&DisplayPreferenceOnly=false&OriginIdentifier=ChIJ7XVSxL7dw0cR5CV_Dj5OUSQ&OriginType=ExternalLocation&PreferredRoutes=3735%2C81&ShowOptions=false&Time=14%3A15&TimeType=SpecifiedDepartureTime&UseDefaultSites=false&l=fr
58 min (Marche 22 min) Brussels Airport, Leopoldlaan, Zaventem, Belgique Marcher jusqu'à l'arrêt BRUSSELS AIRPORT ZAVENTEM (874 m, +/- 14 min). 14:31 BRUSSELS AIRPORT ZAVENTEM Train 3735 direction BRUSSELS AIRPORT ZAVENTEM - MONS destination MONS (20 min). 14:51 BRUXELLES MIDI
Marcher jusqu'à l'accès SUEDE (180 m, +/- 3 min). 14:57 T 81 SUEDE
Tram 81 direction MONTGOMERY destination ICHEC (13 min).
15:10 TRINITE Marcher jusqu'à destination (304 m, +/- 5 min). 15:15 Rue Armand Campenhout 14 150, Ixelles, Belgique )

From midi train station: 25 minutes by tram 81
( 22 min (Marche 7 min)
Marcher jusqu'à l'accès 2 - Gare SNCB (92 m, +/- 2 min).
14:25 T 81 GARE DU MIDI
Tram 81 direction MONTGOMERY destination ICHEC (15 min).
Marcher jusqu'à destination (304 m, +/- 5 min). 14:45 Rue Armand Campenhout 14 150, Ixelles, Belgique)

From central and luxembourg train station: 20 minutes

20 min (Marche 5 min)
Marcher jusqu'à l'arrêt GARE CENTRALE (72 m, +/- 2 min).
B 38
le bus 38 direction HEROS (15 min).
14:25 vleurgaat straat

To the centre: bus 71 , 20 minutezs
To the European quarter: Bus 60 20 minutes
A taxi from thr airpost costs around 50 euro if you take it at the taxi stand.
There is uber too.
Cheap private transport services from airport to home: (book very much in advance)
http://www.airport-transport.be/lang.en/3/page/2, 25 Euro per person
http://www.italiansonmove.com/prenota-da-aeroporto-verso-casa/ , 20 euro perperson, 60 for 4 persons
https://www.taxi2airport.com/en/airport-transfers/brussel-airport-taxi?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI3PrCkqy52AIVbTPTCh1_0QflEAAYBCAAEgKHbvD_BwE offers some discounts on cars
there are other ways, you may want to check out this
or other websites

Deposit 400 €
Insurance Required


Washing machine
Microwave oven
Heating system
Disabled access
Baby gear
Swimming pool
Parking space
Cleaning person
Balcony / terrace

House rules

Smokers welcome
Pets welcome
Children welcome
Dog to feed
Cat to feed
Plants to water



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