Leonardo’s home

Secondary residence
7 Sleeps
4 Bedrooms
6 Bathrooms
1 simple bed
3 double beds


Leonardo has described his/her home in Portugues.

What you will love about this home

The apartamente is high luxury and huge. 400m2 .

The condo is full of leisure options. Many pools , Jacuzzis , nightclub , bar, sauna, gym and beautiful gardens. And in addition the site is facing the sea.

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What you will love in the neighborhood

The condo is on the famous beach of Itapema (Meia Praia), state of Santa Catarina in southern Brazil. Itapema / half beach there is a large and beautiful beach and an active and busy trade, with everything an average city can offer.

The distance of 13 km is even more famous beach Bombinhas. Firecrackers is a natural paradise with a unique beauty and lots of green area preserved. Still, there are many high quality restaurants.

The 20 km is super popular beach Camboriú, which is called "Ibiza Brazilian". In Singapore the proposal is quite different than in Bombinhas. There the night life is very hectic. Bars, night clubs and parties is not lacking there.

The 66 km is the state capital. The city of Florianopolis. Florianopolis is an island connected to the mainland by a single bridge. Florianópolis is a paradisiacal place with dozens of beaches, but has all the comodidadades a capital of a big city.

The 54 km is the Beto Carrero World. Beto Carreiro is a theme park, considered the "Disney" of Brazil. See: http://www.betocarrero.com.br

There are still many, many other beaches and attractions nearby.

Additional information


- The Splendour of the Sea Residence, externally coated ceramic and granite lobby is impressive not only for its quality and comfort, but also for its grandeur and beauty.
- Advanced design only
- 02 Apartments for floors in 06 Towers,
- With total area of ​​400,79 m2 by apartment that accompany the latest trends, exploring oval and round shapes that resemble waves of the sea, 02 parking spaces and parking for visitors.
- Splendour of the Sea Residence, requirement with impeccable refinement.
- Large apartments and spacious
- With Dining Room
- Living Room in 1 cm granite floor, a total area of ​​114,11m2
- Splendour of the Sea Residence, distinct in all environments.
- Are 04 Suites, being the Master with 57,19 m2 and BWC with hydromassage,
- Individual balconies and wood finishes floor.
- The main pool has a large spread last straw format, creating an atmosphere of complete relaxation and harmony with the sea and the beach.
- And if you prefer the exercise, a pool specially designed for sports, plus other attractive Heated Pool Covered.
- Splendour of the Sea Residence, reflected excellence in uniqueness.
- Large, spacious and inviting deck to enjoy with family and friends with a lot of tranquility, its best moments, facing the beauties of the sea Meia Praia.
- For moments of total relaxation, a spa front of the free air of the sea and surrounding hot tub venture between gardens.
- The Splendour of the Sea Residence is a complete work. it is a better that you find a club or a spa are here.
- A spacious and equipped Fitness Center / Health Club with an area of ​​188,83 m2, diverse equipment and Dressing Male and Female.
- All with wide rewarding view recreation area, swimming pools and the sea.
- To keep fit and take care of beauty, full Aesthetic Center, Sauna 23.30 m2 and Cinema for your entertainment.
- And for those who like to play team sports, Poli-Sports Courts and Tennis.
- Splendour of the Sea Residence, facing everything you imagined.
- Wet Bar with chairs inside Moorhen for you to have hours of pure refreshing relaxation.
-In Splendour of the Sea Residence, you surprises all the time. Play, play, have fun. You have everything. Bar, games room with 263 m2 and many attractions for hours of pure joy, to please all ages.
- Nightclub, Bar and Show Stage.
- And if you prefer a quieter activity, how about watching a good movie?
- This is the magic of the Splendour of the Sea Residence. Your guests will be thrilled with so much charm and care.
- Barbecues, slao Parties with an area of ​​482.51 m2 and capacity for 300 people. Equipped with 03 Kitchens and BWC, and Gourmet space with stunning views of the pools and the sea.
- Splendour of the Sea Residence, enjoy the lavish space and joy.
- A modern, advanced and with parts of the work already completed, in a privileged location that will leave you and your family amazed.
- The project, with total area of ​​62,551.70 m2, is a meeting of the convenience and the sea.
- Splendour of the Sea Residence, welcome to the pleasure.


- 400 sqm of total area
- 4 bedrooms / 1 master w / hydro and closet
- Finishes in granite and wood
- Individual Balconies
- 2 parking spaces

external -Pools
- Sports Pool
- Heated indoor pool
- Whirlpool
- Wet Bar
- Nightclub
- Movie theater

- Steam room
- Academy
- Spa center
- Playground
- Party room
- Gourmet space
- Playroom
- Tennis court
- Sports Court
- Ecumenical Chapel

Deposit 1900 €
Insurance Required


Washing machine
Microwave oven
Heating system
Disabled access
Baby gear
Swimming pool
Parking space
Cleaning person
Satellite / cable
Tennis court
Ping-pong table
Balcony / terrace
Pool table

House rules

Smokers welcome
Pets welcome
Children welcome
Dog to feed
Cat to feed
Plants to water


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