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<p> 1 bedroom apartment in 8-unit apartment building from 1901, located in walking distance to historical center of Pilsen. </p> <p> Apartment will be completely renovated in mid of 2010 and the rest of the building is scheduled for renovation in late 2010 / early 2011. </p><p><b>Our apartment is in easy walking distance to: </b><li> Public transit (3 min) </li><li> Train station (10 min) </li><li> Historical city square (15min) </li><li> Is well suited to serve as a base for exploring not only Pilsen, but whole Western Bohemia and Prague, which can be reached easily by car or bus within 1 hour. There is also regular and very frequent train service to Prague.</li></p>
What your guests will love about your neighborhood

<p>The New Town of Pilsen was founded at the confluence of four rivers - Radbuza, Mze, Uhlava and Uslava - following a decree issued by the Czech king Wenceslas II. He did so in 1295. Since the very beginning, the town became a busy trade center located at the crossroads of two important trade routes. They were linking the Czech lands with German cities Nuremburg and Regensburg.</p><p>In the 14th century, Pilsen was the third largest town after Prague and Kutna Hora. It comprised 290 houses on an area of 20 ha. Its population was 3,000 inhabitants. In the 16th century, after several fires that damaged the inner center of the town, Italian architects and builders contributed significantly to the changing character of the city. The most renowned among them was Giovanni de Statia.</p><p>The Holy Roman Emperor, Czech king Rudolf II, resided in Pilsen twice between 1599-1600. It was in the time of the Estates revolt. He fell in love with the city. He even bought two houses neighbouring with the town hall and had them reconstructed according to his taste.</p><p>Later, in 1618, Pilsen was besieged and captured by Count Mansfeld's army. Many Baroque style buildings dating to the end of the 17th century were designed by Jakub Auguston. Sculptures were done by Kristian Widman. The historical heart of the City - almost identical with the original Gothic layout - was declared protected historic city reserve in 1989. </p><p>Pilsen experienced a tremendous growth in the first half of the 19th century. The City Brewery was founded in 1842 and the Skoda Works in 1859. </p><p>Today, with the population of 170,000 inhabitants, Pilsen prides itself on being the seat of the University of West Bohemia and a center of culture & trades for whole Western Bohemia region.</p><p><b> More information about Pilsen and Western Bohemia can be found posted on: </b></p><p><a href=``http://web.plzen.eu/en/home/index.html``><font face=``verdana,geneva`` size=``2`` color=``#cc99ff``><strong><em> <u> http://www.plzen.eu </u></em></strong></font></a> </p>

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Enjoy city view from the top of St. Bartolomej cathedral (main cit

Additional information
We travel frequently and extensively + we are very flexible when it comes to travel dates and arrangements. Consequently, it is pointless to even attempt to record into a on-line calendar periods for which our various properties are available for an exchange or hosting. Please, share with us your plans and wishes and we will respond on individual bases. Please, keep in your mind that we may be traveling in a location with limited internet access, that means, you may have to wait a few days for an answer. Rest assured that we do our best to check e-mails as frequently as possible, and that we answer all received notes promptly.
  • 1 double
  • 0 single
  • 0 children
  • 0 baby
Put-up beds
  • 1 double
  • 0 single
  • 0 children
  • 1 baby
  • Garden
  • Swimming pool
  • BBQ
  • Playground
  • Tennis court
  • Ping-pong table
  • Balcony / terrace
  • TV
  • Computer
  • Internet
  • WiFi
  • Home cinema
  • Satellite / cable
  • Phone
  • Video game console
  • Disabled access
  • Baby gear
  • Dishwasher
  • Dryer
  • Washing machine
  • Microwave oven
  • Freezer
  • Oven
  • Fridge
  • Bathtub
  • Heating system
  • A/C
  • Elevator
  • Parking space
  • Piano
  • Jacuzzi
  • Sauna
  • Fireplace
  • Gym
  • Pool table
Home rules
  • Smokers welcome
  • Pets welcome
  • Children welcome
  • Dog to feed
  • Cat to feed
  • Plants to water
Available vehicles
  • Car
  • Bicycle
  • Motor scooter
  • Motorcycle
  • Motorboat
  • Sailboat
  • Doorman
  • Cleaning person
  • Baby-sitter
  • Cook
  • Guide


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  • Type Apartment
  • Residence Primary
  • Sleeps 5
  • Bedroom 1
  • Bathroom 1
  • Size 48 m²
  • Deposit 500 €
  • Insurance Required
  • Home's id #38141