Jacques’s home

Primary residence
8 Sleeps
3 Bedrooms
1 Bathroom
1 simple bed
2 double beds
1 simple extra bed
1 double extra bed


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What you will love about this home

The house is within 15 minutes' drive from Caen and about 30 minutes' drive from the seaside North of Cairon, Bayeux, the D Day beaches and various - wartime or other - places of interest .
It stands on one of the main roads from Caen to the seaside and except for the time of day when commuters drive by it is pretty quiet, especially at night. 2 cars can be parked in the front yard (with an automatic gate) and the back garden is mostly grass with 4 trees (2 apple, 1 cherry and 1 hazelnut tree). A tall hedge stands between the garden and neighbours so one gets a real sense of privacy. The front and back garden cover about 1000 square metres (about 1093 square yards) so there is ample space to really feel outdoors.
The basement was converted into a nice living space with fireplace and a separate bedroom. about a quarter of it still serves as a proper basement separated by a wall, with a door leading to it. In winter the former basement needs extra heating but in summer it affords coolness. So there are actually 2 living rooms in the house, one in the former basement and one upstairs, with a balcony.
The house sleeps 5 comfortably in 3 bedrooms (2 double + 1 single stackable bed) or up to 7/8 (with the 2 stackable beds spread out + a double bed afforded by a convertible sofa in the upstairs living room -- a less comfortable option obviously because of there being only one bathroom and toilet.
The downstairs living space would be ideal for a teenager or anybody wanting a measure of independence (with the above qualification) : the former basement and upstairs living room have their own separate entrances, but they communicate via a spiral staircase.
One big qualification though : the house contains family keepsakes and fragile objects so is not really suitable for young children, especially of the hyperactive kind...
Anyway I will be glad to give further information if required.
Best regards

What you will love in the neighborhood

If you like living in the country while enjoying all the amenities of city life (in Caen and adjoining Hérouville-Saint-Clair) Cairon is a pleasant place to be. You can buy foodstuff from either a supermarket (about 12 minutes' drive) or the local baker's and butcher's cum fine grocery or the once-a-week fruit and vegetable stall run by a man who certainly knows about what he sells - stuff never out of season, which is good news ! He comes on Wesdnesdays and Fridays so you can buy food locally.

Additional information

Caen is a conveniently located city. You can go North up the Cherbourg peninsula (by train or via a dual carriageway, about 90 minutes' drive) , West towards Brittany, East towards Paris (2 hours by train or a bit more via the nearby motorway) and beyond; or South towards the Loire region and beyond. So there is ample scope for reaching out to other areas.
The coast affords nice trips to Ouistreham (the ferry port to Britain, about 30' drive), the landing beaches West of Ouistreham, the seaside resorts strewn along the Western coast, to Deauville and beyond, Pretty Honfleur and the more industrial Le Havre.
Courseulles-sur-mer is the nearest place where to swim (about 10 kms) though Franceville-Merville West of Ouistreham is more pleasant.
There are plenty of cinema houses, theatres and restaurants in Caen and adjoining Hérouville-Saint-Clair.

Deposit 900 €
Insurance Required


Washing machine
Microwave oven
Heating system
Disabled access
Baby gear
Swimming pool
Parking space
Cleaning person
Balcony / terrace

House rules

Smokers welcome
Pets welcome
Children welcome
Dog to feed
Cat to feed
Plants to water


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