How do GuestPoints work?

What are GuestPoints?

On GuesttoGuest you can do reciprocal home exchanges, you go to someone's home and they come to yours, but you can also try a new type of exchange: non-reciprocal home exchanges with GuestPoints.

The GuestPoints system allows you to organize non-reciprocal home exchanges:

  • You earn GuestPoints by hosting other members
  • You spend GuestPoints  when you travel to another member home and they do not come to your home (non-reciprocal exchange).

How do GuestPoints work?


It's flexible!

You can arrange non-reciprocal home exchanges and change the points value of your home as needed.

Home & cancellation insurance


Thanks to GuestPoints, you can trade points with members from all over the world.

Travel insurance

... In AnY home!

Swap homes with any of the many members of our community.

How to earn GuestPoints?

450 GP Signup to our community
350 GP Complete your home profile 100%
350 GP Complete your personal profile 100%
100 GP  Become a verified member
50 GP Contact 10 people
125 GP Refer GuestToGuest to friends
50 GP Tell us your exchange story
500 GP Becoming an Optimal member

To help you organize your first home exchange experience, GuesttoGuest offers you 1150 complimentary GuestPoints. You travel to the home of one of our members without having to host them in return.

How is the GuestPoints value of your home calculated?

When you complete the profile, GuesttoGuest calculates the nightly GuestPoints value of your home. There are 3 criteria taken into account:

  • The number of beds
  • The location of your home
  • The equipment/amenities of your home
A nightly value of GuestPoints will be allocated towards your home. You will have the choice to increase the number of GuestPoints by 30 additional points or to decrease it as much as you want.

Our advice: Try not to exceed 200 GP per night. If your home's nightly GP value is too high other members might not be able to stay at your place. Most exchanges are with homes valued at about 150 GP / Night.

87 GP / night
 Alex's Home

Use your GuestPoints to stay in one of these homes

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*GP/night = GuestPoints per night.

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