Our team is the coolest.

Here at GuesttoGuest, we envision a new mode of travel: through home exchanges. Our way of life is shared by the worldwide GuesttoGuest community. It is in keeping this vision that we take on new initiatives every day to design unforgettable experiences for our members.

What we love here at GuesttoGuest is our family. When we have new ideas, we immediately implement them with each other’s support. The three floors of our workspace are filled with laughter, good French food, and colleagues hard at work.

We are looking for candidates who are creative and see their initiatives all the way through. If you are excited about changing the way we travel and experience the world, come join us on our journey.

Nos valeurs

Ces six valeurs sont placées au coeur de notre vision depuis les débuts de GuesttoGuest.


On sait que vous êtes le mieux placé pour gérer votre propre travail.


On considère que tous les membres font partie de notre communauté.



On croit en vous et en vos idées.



On s’entraide face à toutes les situations.



On vise toujours plus haut (la Lune presque !)


On est toujours prêts à vous aider.

La Casa (The House)

It is here where the best ideas are conjured up and diligently acted upon.  La Casa is also everyone's home; you are encouraged to move about the open space and work where you are comfortable.  Here, we reflect, create, test, share - and most importantly, we celebrate progress and we celebrate each other !

La Casa has a unique place in Paris; in addition to GuesttoGuest, several other startups work alongside us to reinvent the way we travel and relax.

La vie chez GuesttoGuest

On crée les expériences mémorables pour nos membres et aussi pour nous !

Le petit déjeuner

On commence la semaine avec un beau petit-déjeuner le lundi matin.

Les batailles de Nerf

Si vous travaillez au rez-de-chaussée, vous serez une cible.

Le Ping Pong

Au lieu du déjeuner, on a des tournois de Ping Pong.


On se détend après une longue journée de travail.

Les journées d’équipe

Bowling, salsa, peinture… On aime découvrir de nouvelles activités ensemble !

"Work hard, play hard"

Free Management Style

What is a Free Management Style?

At GuesttoGuest we consider ourselves to be an innovative company and we had to find a management system that would fit with our outside the box thinking.  A free management system is not based on a structured hierarchy of control and supervision, but instead empowers the employee to take charge of their own work schedule and implement the actions that they deem best for the company.

We work everyday to be more free!

Wanting to be free is nice, actually being free is even better! Everyday different people with different kinds of expertise come together to work in a team and propose innovative solutions for many different issues.  The idea is to always involve more people and create an unforgettable experience.

Open Positions

We are always welcoming new talent.  Show us what you can bring to GuesttoGuest.