October Half Term 2018: Take time off this Autumn!

The Best Holiday Destinations in October

October half term 2018: It's the time to travel

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Discover the advantages of home exchange for the October half term 2018. The half term holidays are the best time to travel. The summer rush is over and October sun holidays just got a lot cheaper. The best holiday destination in October can be found on GuesttoGuest.

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GuesttoGuest has holiday homes in over 187 countries.

Summer holidays are over, but we can still look forward to the October Half Term 2018. Don't let the poor weather get you down, organize a family trip for the half term holidays. The kids are out of school and it's the perfect time to take off from work and enjoy October sun holidays. The best holiday destinations in October have never been more accessible and affordable thanks to home exchange. 

The October holidays are the best time travel with home exchange.  Summer is an expensive time to travel. Nearly everyone is off and about, which leads to expensive travel costs and accommodations. The half term holidays is the period when prices come down and you can enjoy those perfect October sun holidays with family and friends. Save even more money by organizing a home exchange in many of the best holiday destinations in October. GuesttoGuest will help make your October half term 2018 one of your best and most affordable holidays of the year.


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Our homes available in Paris

 Walk along the Seine during the October holidays and enjoy the sights and sounds of the City of Lights.

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Our homes available in France

October holidays in the South of France without the throngs of tourists.

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Our homes available in Spain

 October sun holidays on the beautiful eastern coast of Spain.

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Our homes available in Italy

Enjoy the culture and food of Italy during the half term holidays. 

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Our homes available in Portugal

 The Portuguese coast is among the best holiday destinations in October.

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Our homes available in Germany

Take a trip to one of the many beautiful cities in Germany this half term holidays.

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Our homes available in the Netherlands

 Quick trips to the Netherlands are easy for the October holidays.

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Our homes available in the United States

Travel a little further for the October Holidays and visit the United States of America, su  .

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