Experience of Tommy, Madrid

Tommy, Madrid

A few months ago, I needed a place to stay for a long weekend with my wife and our two teenage daughters. I started looking on other home exchange sites but couldn’t find a suitable exchange for the dates I wanted, due to the usual complications of trying to make things coincide.

Somebody introduced me to GuestToGuest and within 3 days I had an offer for a place in city center of Paris. We had a great holiday; everything went very smoothly. I will definitely be using GuestToGuest for future trips - it offers a whole lot more flexibility and makes things so much easier when you are trying to juggle dates.

Experience of Camille, Geneva

Camille, Geneva

Thanks to GuestToGuest, we were able to spend a three day weekend in Paris as we happily hosted people in Switzerland. I am thrilled that my house can be useful to friends of friends in my absence! Next year I hope to have the chance to go somewhere more exotic; there are so many places in the world that deserve a visit.

Experience of Cathy, Annecy

Cathy, Annecy

Having a plane ticket in your pocket is always a plus: it’s the promise of a trip.
Arriving in a foreign city with a set itinerary (metro + bus) sent by someone who, apart from their name and profile picture, you know nothing about, is really fun!

When we arrived to our destination, there was no hotel style welcome, but instead just the envelope with the keys we had received a week before in the mail. When we opened the door to the apartment there were sheets and towels waiting for us and in no time we made ourselves at home.

With the money we had saved, we treated ourselves to little trip to the islands...a respite from reality. We spent our time wandering the town and living like a local; shopping for breakfast and dining in restaurants that didn't have one single tourist.

Before we left, we saved some time to clean up the place; to leave it exactly how it was when we arrived. Much better than a hotel bill, right?
We decided to leave a bottle of champagne for our host, so that he could have a drink for the health of his beautiful country, Greece.

Exchanging a flat was really something magical; a sort of camaraderie with a total stranger.
We are very happy to have had the opportunity to do this: it was truly a pleasure!

Experience of Ana, Madrid

Ana, Madrid

GuestToGuest is a home exchange company based on trust; treat others as you would like to be treated. If you follow this mantra then this system will work for you. I had guests stay at mine, and when I returned the only sign that there had been people staying was the gift that they had left for me. I am now looking forward to traveling somewhere myself through GuestToGuest!

Experience of Amaël, French Polynesia

Amaël, French Polynesia

I found out about GuestToGuest when I was part of another home exchange site. GuestToGuest's concept caught my intention immediately, especially with the option to not make a reciprocal exchange. This idea opened so many possibilities for me that I couldn't wait to take advantage of! When I had to be in Paris for an interview, I decided to find my accomodations through GuestToGuest. I found a very nice apartment close to where my interview was going to be, and I was able to wake up the next morning and prepare as if I was at my own place. My exchange was extremely successful; as a key point of GuestToGuest is trust amongst its memebrs. I hope to welcome travelers to my home one of these days! Long live GuestToGuest.

Experience of Danielle


Our first experience with GuestToGuest was when we traveled to Lyon, France. We are from Normandy and our son graduated from school in Lyon. We wanted to spend the weekend with him and quickly found a host in Lyon who offered us to stay with her in her apartment. She was incredibly welcoming when we arrived and it was very enjoyable to meet such a wonderful and hospitable person. We all had a small Sunday lunch together; our host, Sophie, included. At the end of our stay, we told Sophie that she was welcome to our home in Normandy whether we would be present or not! We hope to have her stay with us one of these days!

Experience of Meredith


There are so many things that make GuestToGuest so awesome!

First of all, the customer service is outstanding. If you have any questions or need help, their customer support is above and beyond. Although there are many home exchange sites on the internet, GuestToGuest stands out because it allows you not only to swap homes, but also book a place to stay through their points system (you can use these GuestPoints to book any home listed on the site). This concept was our perfect solution since our home was unavailable for a reciprocal exchange.

Another wonderful thing about GuestToGuest is that it's completely free to sign up. Most people in search to make a home exchange often want to save money; it is great to be able to list your home and browse through their site without having to commit to a monthly or annual fee. GuestToGuest also gives you a sense of security thanks to their well thought out system. Everyone I’ve interacted with on the site (regardless if it didn’t work out) has been very friendly and pleasant. Overall the website is fantastic and I look forward to using it to plan our future travels!

Experience of Florence


I was searching for accommodations in Paris for the Weekend de l'Ascension when a member of GuestToGuest invited me to register with the site. Usually, I am skeptical to join things that are free as there is usually no base of trust; however, I decided to try it this time. Once I published my homes profile, I earned the necessary amount of points I needed to be invited for 5 days in a beautiful apartment in the center of Paris. All in all, sometimes it is worth relying and trusting others!

Experience of Taras, Preverenges

Taras, Preverenges

Our first experience with GuestToGuest was a trip to Paris. We were welcomed by our host family who had left us a bottle of wine. The location of their home in Paris was a great starting point for us to explore the sites and soak up some culture. Their home was lovely and they actually had children the same age as ours, so ours girls were able to play with their toys and read new books. A big thank you to GuestToGuest!

Merci GuestToGuest!

Experience of Henry


A few months ago, I considered doing a house swap with someone in Paris, but was unsure how safe it would be to place an ad on a public website. A further concern was becuase I live in Cape Town not many people would want to swap summer for winter. I was introduced to GuestToGuest and immediately realised this is exactly what I was looking for.

I have to admit that I had an amazing experience, starting with the service I received via the site. My emails were answered almost instantly and the organisers responses to my requests were absolutely spot-on. Even though I found the website rather late in my vacation planning, everything was organised perfectly. My experience with the accommodations in Paris was fantastic and everyone involved were very friendly; it was almost too good to be true!

Since I've been back I have introduced several friends to this site and told them about my positive experience. I wholeheartedly would recommend GuestToGuest to people who love to travel and enjoy blending in with the locals; especially to experience their way of life. Join the 'big' family of people who seem to share the respect and ethics needed to make home exchange work so successfully.