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Do you want to discover Europe's capitals for a low price? HomeExchange has beautiful European homes! Enjoy great accommodations and cut your travel budget by 30% on your next trip to Europe. Visit the most beautiful cities in Europe as a couple or a family!

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Faîtes des économies Faîtes des économies Faîtes des économies Faîtes des économies

Save Money

Enjoy more for less! Revel in the cost-saving benefits of home exchanging. Travel and save even more.

Légal pour les locataires


Exchange your home legally even if you're a renter. No more problems with your landlord.

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Voyagez autrement


Live an authentic experience. Discover the local cultures and the lifestyles of your hosts.

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HomeExchange is present in 187 countries

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HomeExchange is present in 187 countries

Would you like to visit the most beautiful cities in Europe or live the true European lifestyle? Find the perfect European accommodation in the top European cities to visit with HomeExchange!

Our large communities in major European capitals are ready to organize an exchange so that you can learn to live like a local in the most beautiful cities in Europe. From the famous streets of Paris to the delicious tastes of Italy, the cultural immersion alone will make your trip worthwhile as you create lifelong memories during your trip in Europe.

European capitals, with their breathtaking histories to impressive modernities, you can have access to all that European capitals have to offer with the help of HomeExchange. The phenomenal views of Lisbon or the peaceful canals of Amsterdam, you decide which European cities to visit. A trip to Europe is just a few clicks away.

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